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Monday, July 10, 2017

Visualising Ancestry DNA matches–Index

This series of posts has proved to be very popular. I will continue to update this index as I publish new posts.

Published posts

Part 1: Getting ready

  • NodeXL
  • DNAGedcom

Part 2: Loading files the first time

  • Additional input file (‘skip’ close relatives)
  • Load in-common-with
  • Load matches
  • Load additional input
  • Identify groups

Part 3: Navigation and presentation

  • Hiding columns
  • Zooming in
  • Changing layouts
  • Dot sizes and labels
  • Scale the features

Part 4: Updating

  • How new data is treated
  • Clearing duplicates
  • Updating – the process

Part 5: Busy graph diagnosis

Part 6: Busy graph treatments

Part 7: Adding shared administrator lines

Planned posts

I am planning to write on the following topics in coming weeks (list may be subject to change)

Part 8: Adding known ancestors

Part 9: Combining graphs

Part 10: Colour coding branches


  1. I'm making my way thru this with the help of your excellent posts. looking forward to the simplifying a busy graph.

  2. What a fantastic job you've done Shelley!

  3. Thank you very much for these posts Shelley. I'm looking forward to parts 4-6.

  4. I'm curious: What would be the minimum requirements for a computer doing this project in terms of working memory?

    1. Hi Anonymous, I don't know. There may be answers on the developer's page ( I certainly see a difference in performance between large and small in-common-with files on my PC.

  5. It took me a while to figure this out (I can be slow), but once I did, I found this to be an incredibly helpful tool. Thank you SO much for blogging on this tool!